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Open Positions:
Engineering and Technology 4 JOB POSTING
Tech Lead (Full Time)

Postions: 1 | Location: Seoni MP India | Salary: 4.50LPA

Jr Laravel Engineer (Full Time)

Postions: 2 | Location: Seoni MP India | Salary: 1.10LPA

Sr Laravel Engineer (Full Time)

Postions: 3 | Location: Seoni MP India | Salary: 3.10LPA

Jr Flutter Engineer (Full Time)

Postions: 1 | Location: Seoni MP India | Salary: 2.40LPA

Business Management 1 JOB POSTING
Sr Human Resource (Full Time)

Postions: 1 | Location: Seoni MP India | Salary: 2.50LPA

Business Development & Sales 2 JOB POSTING
Sr BDE (Full Time)

Postions: 3 | Location: Seoni MP India | Salary: 3.90LPA

Sr Digital Marketing Head (Full Time)

Postions: 1 | Location: Seoni MP India | Salary: 3.30LPA

Finance & Accounting 1 JOB POSTING
Jr Accountant (Part Time)

Postions: 1 | Location: Seoni MP India | Salary: 1.50LPA


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What happens if my project closes?
When you work at Defenzelite, you're hired by our whole company, not just to work on a project. If your project happens to close, it's our responsibility to find you a new one with the appropriate tech stack. We'll likely ask you to help on internal or bench projects while we find the opportunity that fits you best. We also have additional opportunities in our Expert Group, where employees can lend their expertise to community projects.
Q2. How are interviews conducted Defenzelite at ?
Our hiring process includes three interviews: a recruiter interview, an internal technical interview, and typically an interview with a client. In the recruiter interview we evaluate soft skills and English language level. Most recruiter interviews last about 30-40 minutes. In the internal technical interview, an expert will evaluate skills and general knowledge of a particular tech stack. Whenever possible, we try to involve developers from the team the applicant is applying for, so they can get as much information as possible about the future project. Internal technical interviews usually last about 60-90 minutes. The final stage of the interview process is the client interview. This interview is conducted directly by a company client to evaluate whether or not the candidate is a good match for their project. This is also a good chance for candidates to ask any additional questions they may have. In most cases the Client interview takes about 40-60 minutes.
Q3. What kind of internal education activities and training do you offer?
We have an entire education department dedicated to providing on going training for our employees. We offer technical and soft skills training to help with things like language skills and Scrum. We have communities of particular specialists who hold regular meetups to share knowledge and experience, as well as focused internal trainings to learn different technologies. We also have a range of internal projects that employees can join to improve their skills, practice new technologies, or even get experience with new positions.
Q4. Besides working on a project, what other professional opportunities does Defenzelite offer?
In addition to regular work on projects, we have a range of other opportunities for professional growth. Employees are welcome to join an Expert Group, which is responsible for a number of internal processes holding interviews with candidates, conducting assessments, holding trainings, guest speaking, etc. Employees are also welcome to join our mentorship program for junior specialists and students.
Q5. How can I progress in my career at Defenzelite ?
Our employees can apply for higher positions whenever they feel they're ready to be evaluated. Employees let their HR manager know they would like to apply for a new position, and they'll start with the promotion process. There are three main stages: 1. An English interview with an English teacher who will evaluate the employee's general language skill level. 2. A soft skills interview with an HR manager to evaluate the employees' soft skills, according the requirements of the desired position. This evaluation also takes into account performance feedback that the employee received during the course of their regular work. 3. A technical interview with an expert to evaluate how well the employee's technical skills match the position they are applying for. The technical interviewer will generally give feedback on areas where the employee can improve their skills. We do our best to avoid subjectivity by having several different experts conduct the technical interview. The entire promotion assessment process takes about two weeks.
Q6. What level of English is required to work at Defenzelite?
All of our employees are expected to have at least intermediate-level English so they can communicate clearly and efficiently with our foreign customers. Specific higher positions that require more communication with foreign customers require an upper-intermediate English level.
Q7. What is the work schedule at Defenzelite ?
We work on a flexible 8-hour daily work schedule Monday to Friday This means that all employees are responsible for planning their own work days based on their meetings, calls, and other obligations. Employees are required to overlap at least 4 hours a day with their team, but besides that, they are generally responsible for maintaining their own schedule. During the COVID-19 pandemic, our employees are asked to work from home. After the pandemic, we will update our WFH policy.
Q8. Does Defenzelite have a bench policy? What is the bench period, and what is salary for employees on the bench?
Our company has a bench, and the regular bench duration is three months. The bench duration may change, depending on the position and level of the employee. Employees on the bench are typically assigned to internal projects, Center of Excellence activities, and other opportunities where they can improve their skills and knowledge base. Employees do not have a reduction in salary while on the bench.
Q9. Does Defenzelite have a referral policy?
We're always happy to take referrals from our current employees, and we do have a formal referral policy. Employees receive bonuses as a result of successful referrals — the size of the bonus varies depending on the level of the technical specialist and the referral location, as well as other factors.
Q10. Will I find my website on the search engines?
Finding your website on the search engine requires it to be promoted well. There are many factors needed for making a website search engine friendly. We offer such services for the clients who wish their website to come on top pages in searches on selective keywords. SEO/ SMO are some of the digital marketing services for getting your site on search engines.
Q11. I’m in another country, can you still work for us?
Our foot prints are already in many countries such as USA, Canada, UK, Australia, UAE. We specialize in effectively managing work from English speaking countries.
Q12. What does 'custom design or development' mean?
Custom or Tailor made design and development means all the same. It ensures that the application is developed as per client’s choice. The current & future needs of client’s are taken care off at the structuring level itself.
Q13. What do you think is the best thing about working at your Company?
Q14. What is the guarantee of lead generation
Although Digital Marketing cannot guarantee outcomes, the presence and reach will make a long-term impact.
Q15. What happens if my ads campaign blocked?
Q16. How can I ask for advice or a proposal for my business needs?
You can reach out to us through our website by filling out a form simply giving us a call or sending an email. We're here to understand your business requirements and provide you with tailored advice and proposals.
Q17. How do I begin a business solution project?
To kickstart a project with us, you can contact us via phone, email, or our website. The process typically involves gathering requirements, analyzing them, and submitting a proposal. Our team will promptly respond, grasp your needs, and guide you through the process.
Q18. What makes this company unique in providing business solutions?
Defenzelite stands out not only for its successful project track record but also for its personalized solutions, tech expertise, flexible development, focus on quality, and customer-centered approach.
Q19. Can we adjust or improve the business solution as our business expands?
Defenzelite keeps scalability in mind while creating solutions. As your business grows, our solutions can easily adapt to handle more users, increased data, and additional features. We can seamlessly integrate upgrades to keep your solution up-to-date.
Q20. How does Defenzelite keep my data safe and private in its business solutions?
Defenzelite prioritizes data security and privacy. We follow industry standards and implement strong security measures, encryption methods, and access controls to safeguard your sensitive information.
Q21. Can the new business solution work with our current systems?
Absolutely! Defenzelite excels at smoothly integrating new technologies into your existing systems without causing disruptions. We ensure data integrity and enhance your operations seamlessly, even allowing for easy import of data from older systems.
Q22. What ongoing help do we get for our business solutions?
We offer various support and maintenance plans to ensure your business solutions run smoothly. This includes regular updates, bug fixes, performance tracking, and improvements based on your changing business needs.
Q23. How long does it take to put a business solution in place?
The time for implementing a business solution varies based on its complexity and size. At Defenzelite, we use an efficient approach called agile methodology to provide regular updates and results to our clients. We focus on understanding real industry challenges and crafting solutions that would typically take years to develop. This way, we can deliver a solution in under a month.
Q24. Can the business solutions be tailored to what we need?
Definitely! Defenzelite takes pride in creating highly unique solutions that fit your specific business requirements. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and develop solutions that precisely address their unique challenges.
Q25. What kinds of companies does Defenzelite provide solutions for?
Small and medium-sized firms (SMEs), major corporations, and startups from a variety of industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, education, transportation, marketing, FMCG, retail, agriculture, construction, food industry, information technology, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, communication, automotive, aviation, mining, defence, electronics, media, sports, tourism, and more, are all served by Defenzelite.
Q26. What are the benefits of Defenzelite's business solutions for my company?
Your organization can benefit from Defenzelite's business solutions by increasing operational effectiveness, boosting productivity, automating processes, reducing expenses, improving client experiences, and spurring growth through advanced technical advancements.
Q27. Is it possible to use Next Step to change my online platform's capabilities and its appearance?
Absolutely! In order to adapt your web platform's style, features, and operations to your brand identity and business needs, Next Step offers options for modification.
Q28. How safe is the platform used by Next Step for its data and information?
Next Step places a high priority on data security and uses unique techniques, such as encryption and routine security upgrades, to guarantee the privacy and security of your company's and your customers' personal information.
Q29. How can Next Step help in boosting my online platform's visibility to potential customers?
The features and tools that Next Step offers increase your platform's search engine visibility and optimise it for better rankings, increasing the likelihood that more potential clients will find your online business.
Q30. Can I easily manage and update my online platform using Next Step?
Yes, Next Step provides an intuitive user interface and tools that enable you to manage, update, and change your online platform without requiring a high level of technical knowledge.
Q31. If I'm new to the online business sector, can Next Step assist me?
Absolutely! The goal of Next Step is to help and support those who are new to the world of online business. It offers simple materials and tools to make it easier for you to confidently move throughout the online world.
Q32. What are the benefits of using Next Step for my business?
Next Step offers advantages including a platform to efficiently sell your goods or services, a larger market reach, improved brand visibility, improved client engagement, and quick online transactions.
Q33. How is the fee for using Next Step calculated?
The cost of implementing Next Step is frequently determined by the features you select, the size of your company, and the degree of customization needed. It tries to provide variable pricing to accommodate various business types and spending limits.
Q34. What type of setup support or help can I expect from Next Step?
For easy setup of your online platform, Next Step provides extensive onboarding assistance, including videos, guides, and customer support.
Q35. Can I use Next Step to combine my current company data and systems?
Yes, Next Step makes it simple to integrate with a variety of systems, giving you the opportunity to easily link your current data and business processes to your web platform.
Q36. What does an Interview Preparation Round Simulation involve?
We simulate a real interview scenario where you can practice answering common interview questions and receive feedback. It's like a rehearsal before the big show, helping you feel more confident and ready for the actual interview.
Q37. Is the CV building service suitable for people with no work experience?
Absolutely! Our CV-building service is designed for everyone, including those with no work experience. We highlight your education, skills, and potential to make a great impression on potential employers.
Q38. How can I enroll in the On-site IT Consultation Program, and what does it involve?
Our On-site IT Consultation Program involves our experts visiting your workplace to provide personalized advice and solutions related to IT. It's like having IT wizards at your service to optimize your tech strategies.
Q39. Can I choose specific areas to focus on during the Interview Simulation?
Of course! We tailor the Interview Simulation based on your preferences. If you have specific areas you want to work on, just let us know, and we'll customize the simulation accordingly.
Q40. How long does it take to build a Professional CV?
Typically, it takes a few days to a week to craft a Professional CV. We want to ensure it's perfect and tailored to your needs, so quality is our top priority.
Q41. Is the On-site IT Consultation Program available for small businesses as well?
Absolutely! Our On-site IT Consultation Program is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, including small enterprises. We believe in supporting and enhancing the tech infrastructure of businesses, irrespective of their scale.
Q42. What sets Bright Career's services apart from other career assistance providers?
Bright Career stands out by providing personalized attention, expert guidance, and a commitment to your success. Our services are tailored to meet your unique needs and empower you to reach your career goals effectively.
Q43. Can I edit my CV after it's created through the Professional CV Building service?
Absolutely! We provide you with an editable file of your CV. You can make changes, add new experiences, or modify it as needed to suit specific job applications.
Q44. How do I schedule an Interview Preparation Round Simulation, and what is the duration of each session?
Scheduling an Interview Preparation Round Simulation is easy. You can reach out to our team to book a convenient time. Each session typically lasts about an hour, giving you ample time to simulate an interview and receive feedback.
Q45. Are there additional charges for the On-site IT Consultation Program, or is it included in the service package?
The On-site IT Consultation Program may have separate charges based on your location and the extent of consultation needed. Feel free to inquire about the costs associated with this service.
Q46. How can these credentials advance my career?
Your skills will increase as a result of these credentials, increasing your appeal to companies. Developers and testers with certifications are frequently preferred and can land better jobs with greater wages.
Q47. Are these certifications appropriate for those with no prior experience who are beginners?
Yes! For everyone, even beginners, our programmes are developed. We start with the fundamentals and work our way up, making sure you comprehend and do well in the subject.
Q48. What are the enrollment procedures for these certification programmes, and how can I apply?
Visit the Defenzelite Academy website, choose the programme you're interested in, and then follow the enrollment instructions. These often entail creating an account, choosing a start date, and sending the required payment.
Q49. How long do these certification programmes last?
Depending on the specific programme, the duration varies.
Q50. Is there a programme that helps certified people get jobs?
Yes, Defenzelite Academy provides help with finding employment, which may include job postings, advice on writing resumes, help with interviewing and connections with potential companies in the field.
Q51. How are exams for these certification programmes conducted?
Typically, assessments consist of a mix of tests, assignments, and practical exams. The particulars, which may change depending on the programme, will be discussed during the course.
Q52. What kind of support and resources are provided during the training?
You will have access to knowledgeable mentors, thorough study materials, practical projects, and a supportive community during the programme to help you along the way.
Q53. Are there any requirements to enrol in these certification programmes?
Depending on the programme, different requirements apply. It is essential to consult the program-specific material on the Defenzelite Academy website for specifics on prerequisites.
Q54. Are these certificate training programmes practical and hands-on?
Absolutely! In order to ensure a thorough learning experience, Defenzelite Academy offers practical training that includes real-world projects, simulations, and interactive workshops.
Q55. Are these certifications accepted throughout the world?
Yes, the credentials from Defenzelite Academy are accepted all around the world, giving you a competitive advantage in the employment market.