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Founded in June 2017 by Pratyush Nema, Defenzelite building a trust-oriented social networking platform, which empowers users to verify and confirm the identities of those whom they cross paths on the platform, allowing for meaningful, transparent interactions.

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About us

About us

THE Projectof the 22nd century is coming

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – these are all examples of social media networks that reign supreme in our modern age. However, every single one of these platforms suffers from an onslaught of problems, such as circulation of misinformation, Crisis of fake accounts, Tearable cyberbullying including advanced social engineering involves information penetration, Data misuse, critical Malware transmission, Improper privacy features, and more...

Today’s social media networks claim to revolve around trust and building meaningful connections. However, how is this the case if users’ feeds are polluted with counterfeit statements and illusory friendships? Is there a way to fix this dilemma? You may be wondering.

THE ANSWER ISYes, The answer is INTACT.

Intact is the future of social networking: a revolutionary, trust-oriented platform that is built upon a foundation of transparency – one that will enable its community of users to foster meaningful connections, forge business relationships, and more, without having to worry about anything related to the word “fake” again. Moreover, because Intact is the first social networking platform in the world that is fully transparent, and one that is truly dedicated towards strengthening the global community, not only is Intact a game changer, but its core mission is the betterment of humanity.


So, what are you waiting for? With Intact, not only can you start building meaningful, trusted connections today, but you will also be standing at the forefront of an incredible social networking revolution!

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Defenzelite startup is not just a company, it is the revolution of raising trust among peoples. we can provide a platform that builds a wall of transparency between peoples around the world. Our scope is not limited it increases simultaneously with our company. Our purpose is to build a belief that helps humanity make better decisions. We are trying to build a trust oriented community In which everything will be transparent.

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Our Vision

To make everyday more peaceful and the world more transparent.

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Our Mission

To empower people to create a transparent community that makes the world more authentic and united.

The Team

Pratyush NemaFounder/CEO

Pratyush Nema is an Energetic security expert with high technical aptitude, and possesses an unyielding commitment to his work. He is also author of a best-selling book, and his continual drive lies at the core of his successes.

WE ARE THE FUTUREHelping the world make better decisions.

We focused on Industries like

1. Business / Transportation

2. Healthcare / Hospitality

3. Creative / Media

4. Financial / Professional Services

5. Agricultural / Places

6. Education / Sports

7. Manufacturing / Automotive

8. Public / Private Sectors